The Adventure Night Out

Maya Knierim
11th March 2024

For those who dream of a night out filled with active experiences! The Adventure Night Out is perfect for those who enjoy learning new things, playing games, testing their skills and making friends along the way. Canterbury has a variety of brewery tours, escape rooms, cocktail masterclasses and more which can make your night out truly memorable.

Shuffleboard at Matches Sports Bar

Flex your skills

For those looking for a competitive night out - it's time to show off your skills. Canterbury is home to two brilliant sports bars: Matches Sports Bar and Boom Battle Bar - each offering a wide variety of activities to keep you and your friends entertained for a whole evening. Activities include axe throwing, darts, mini golf, shuffleboard and so much more.

Instead of competing, why not work together and see if you can get out of one of the three escape rooms at The Pound - Escape in the Towers. The award-winning escape room is set in England’s largest surviving Medieval gateway built in 1380 and Canterbury’s atmospheric former city jail built in 1830, providing a one of a kind setting for your escape adventure! 

Posh Karaoke at The Pound

Grab the mic

Grab a microphone and bring out your inner diva. We have three Karaoke options in Canterbury. Posh Karaoke Session at The Pound’s event space with its own roof terrace, butler cocktail service, and over 40,000 songs to choose from. Tokyo Tearooms (unsurprisingly given their name) have a fabulous, custom-built, Karaoke Room which is available to hire by the hour and includes room service. And finally, Boom Battle Bar has more than sporting activities on offer, you can also flex your vocal skills with up to 10 friends.

Cocktails at The Falstaff

Shaken and stirred

Among the many experiences the city offers, cocktail masterclasses stand out as a fun and interactive way to learn the art of mixology. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a novice looking to shake things up, Canterbury has some fantastic options for mastering the art of crafting delicious drinks. 

Situated in the historic Westgate Towers, The Pound is a popular choice for those seeking an immersive cocktail experience within the old prison. The Pound offers a hands-on learning experience in a truly unique setting.

The Falstaff, with its charming ambience and elegant surroundings, provides an ideal setting for cocktail enthusiasts to hone their skills. As a group, guests choose 3 cocktail options from the menu and learn insider tips and techniques while enjoying a selection of artisanal spirits and fresh ingredients. 

If you would like to learn to make cocktails while gazing out to a view of Canterbury’s stunning skyline, Socialite is a great choice. Guests get to learn how to make 2 cocktails with aid from Socialite’s resident mixologist and enjoy a small plate from the delicious Terrace Menu.

For those in search of a retro feel, The Loft hosts intimate cocktail masterclasses led by experienced mixologists. Participants learn the art of crafting signature drinks in a hands-on setting, perfect for individuals or groups seeking a bespoke experience.

Explore the Japanese-inspired nightclub known as Tokyo Tea Rooms while learning to make drinks like a pro. With packages starting from two cocktails all the way to adding on a karaoke experience, this midnight hotspot is a great choice for night owls. 

The Cook's Tale - Dev Biswal

Reignite your taste buds

If you're more into your beers and spirits than cocktails, the city's multi-award-winning brewery and distillery The Foundry Brew Pub offers fascinating guided tours, tasting flights, and hearty grub for the discerning drinker. Discover the craft process behind their handmade grain-to-glass beers and spirits and the amazing history of the Victorian foundry that they call home. 

Ever wondered how to create amazing flavours in your curry? Well, The Cook's Tale can help you start cooking like a pro. The sessions are run by restaurant owner Dev Biswal and there are bespoke classes for all skill levels.  

If you're looking for a great spot with exciting food for you and your pals on your adventures, make a beeline for Korean Cowgirl. This stylish yet laid back restaurant on the Riverside complex is right next to Boom Battle Bar, and expertly blends East and West with big servings of slow-cooked brisket, spicy chicken wings, sticky ribs and delicious drinks.