The Curious Night Out

Maya Knierim
18th March 2024

If your ideal night out involves hunting down adventures off the beaten path, The Curious Night Out is for you! Explore the quirky and unusual experiences Canterbury has to offer such as Dungeons and Dragons nights, pub quizzes, book readings and more, in the heart of the city. For anyone looking for an alternative night out, take a look below...

Boardgame Heaven at The Long Rest

Don't Be Board

Board games + cocktails? Where do we sign up? For those who prefer to spend their evening with pals - or meeting new people - over a great board game with hot drinks or cold beers will be delighted by Canterbury's offering for true grit gamers. 

The Long Rest in the ancient shadows of Butchery Lane is the city's dedicated board game cafe with a huge collection of games, from quick rounds of fun to full on strategy sessions, plus a great menu of food and drink to keep you fuelled up. You can also head to Dice & Destiny in The King's Mile to both stock up on the latest games and also join in with one of their regular evening sessions, from D&D, Magic the Gathering and special events. Stag Coffee has a catalogue of games and also hosts their own board game nights into the evenings, while the Thomas Becket pub has both board game nights and Mario Kart Tuesdays for guests!

Quiz Night at The Drapers Arms

Exercise Your Brain

If you love a quiz night, you have quite a few to pick from in the city! From themed events to seriously tough challenges, check out the regular events at:

Perhaps you would prefer to blow your mind with some horrifying stories of Canterbury's hidden past? The perfect mix of history, humour and haunting, there is only one place to be - The Canterbury Ghost Tour!

Salsa at The Westgate Hall

Learn a new skill

Sometimes you want to do something off the beaten track or with a twist, and there are plenty of things to enjoy after dark in the city with or without a drink in hand.

Waterstones in Rose Lane hosts many author events with world-famous writers, so keep an eye on their schedule.

Check out the packed events programme at the Westgate Hall. Their famous Salsa Night is a great way of learning a new skill (and getting fit at the same time!). 

Feeling creative? Why not book a craft evening at Happy & Glorious, owner Kate runs sessions throughout the year including journalling and fabric dying. Or perhaps you fancy your hand at drawing? Rock Paper Scissors offers evening classes for all ages. 

There are also three theatres in the city, as well as two Curzon Cinemas if you want to settle down to enjoy a show - head to our A Cultural Night guide for more information.