Sinead Hanna
26th April 2024

We think the people who work in the heart of the city every day have some of the best tips on places to visit on your next trip to Canterbury. 

That's why we asked Kate Tompsett from Happy & Glorious to walk us through a typical Saturday for her as she works in the city - and to share some of her top tips on where the locals go for the best day and night out. 

Kate set up Happy & Glorious in 2012, and moved the shop to Burgate in Canterbury in 2022. Her business sells beautiful British made gifts, art and homeware, and also runs creative workshops in the space.

When not working (which she loves), Kate also enjoys stomping in nature, printmaking, cutting and sticking, live music, escape rooms and tea. 

Morning Stroll (to coffee)

Canterbury on a Saturday is always lively! I start work a little later on the weekends as a treat, so my day starts with the walk to town through the beautifully maintained Dane John Gardens with my partner James. He is an amateur baker, and makes something scrumptious as a gift for his friends at Fringe & Ginge every weekend. So that's our first stop!

A pot of breakfast tea for me, and a cappuccino for James, sets us both up for the day.

Off To Work We Go

After waving to the friendly faces at Lilford Gallery (I love the board outside the gallery with its ever-changing words of wisdom and amusement) and Moo Like A Monkey (such gorgeous, ethical gifts, books and clothes for little ones!), it's on to Happy & Glorious, my shop on Burgate.

A quick stop at Canterbury Pottery is a must. Catching up and swapping news with other businesses in the Cathedral Quarter is so important. We have a really engaged and fun community in the Quarter; I’m so lucky to be a part of it.

Lunchtime Rush

No Saturday is complete without admiring the sparklies in Fitzgerald Jewellers' window opposite my shop. Simply mesmerising! I might nip into Wrapped for their great range of funny cards – I like to keep a few stashed away for an emergency birthday.

The rest of the day unfolds in a whirlwind of happy customers and the joy of working in a place I love. Hopefully, it's a proper Saturday rush!

Lunch could be a delicious toastie from Burgate Coffee or something warm and hearty from the Veg Box Café to keep my strength up for an afternoon of gift wrapping.

After Work Fun

As evening approaches, the dilemma arises: a night at the Marlowe Theatre, a board game battle at The Long Rest, or an escape room challenge testing our wits; Escape in the Tower or Escape Kent both beckon...

While each option holds immense appeal, sometimes a relaxed evening in the city is the perfect choice.

I might head for a cheeky post-work cocktail at Stag Coffee. Their cocktail menu is pretty impressive, and the walk home through the beautiful St Mary de Castro park, bathed in the soft glow of evening light, is the ideal way to unwind.

Canterbury Saturdays – the perfect blend of serenity, connection, and a sprinkle of fun!