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Westgate Towers Museum & Viewpoint

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Westgate Towers Museum & Viewpoint

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Westgate Towers Museum & Viewpoint

Heritage and Gardens
Heritage and Gardens

Enjoy spectacular views of the city from the top of the largest surviving medieval gateway in England. 

The largest and arguably the finest of the country’s surviving medieval gateways, the Westgate was built during the One Hundred Years’ War. The 60-foot (18m) high stronghold now stands alone, but it was the City Gaol and was eventually turned into a museum in the 20th century before being loving restored for the 21st century as a museum, bar and entertainments venue.

The modern museum exhibits cover four themes including City Wars, Crime & Punishment, Westgate Through History and Magna Carta & The Maquettes.

Once you've taken in the beauty of the city and the museum exhibits, head down to the bar The Pound to grab a refreshing drink and take a seat on the terrace or in the newly restored police cells! 


1 Pound Lane