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St Martin's Church

Heritage and Gardens
Heritage and Gardens

St Martin's is the oldest church in the English-speaking world that is still in use. It's architecture is part Roman,Saxon, Norman and mediaeval. It was here that Queen Bertha prayed in 580 AD and later where St Augustine based his first mission in 597AD until King Ethelbert granted him the land for the Abbey and the Cathedral which, with St Martin's, now form Canterbury's UNSECO World Heritage Site.

Opening Hours: 11am-3pm Wednesdays-Sundays 

(Please note the church will be closed for public viewing every Thursday from 12-12:30pm during services but all are welcome to attend). 

For private tours or large groups (5+) please contact: +44 (0)748606801


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North Holmes Road Canterbury CT1 1QJ


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Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Registered Assistance Dogs welcome
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