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St Mary’s Church The Drove Fordwich CT2 0DE

The word ‘Champing™’ has been created by The Churches Conservation Trust and means ‘church camping’. We have 12 Champing™ churches across the UK and our most popular site is St Mary’s Church, Fordwich, near Canterbury.

St Mary’s Church is just 3 miles from Canterbury and sits on the banks of the River Stour. The tiny town of Fordwich still has the feel of a town of centuries past, with its ancient town hall and quaint buildings. St Mary’s is around 900 years old and the building has a mellow and unspoilt feel to it. Guests at St Mary’s have the unique honour of sleeping in the 18th century box pew beds. The perfect cosy Champing™ bed!

All image credit- ©Joseph Casey


St Mary’s Church The Drove Fordwich CT2 0DE