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England Originals

Enjoy 16 of our most surprising cities

Discover Canterbury amongst some of England’s most historic destinations and unlock over 3,000 years of history across the nation with England Originals.

Experience Canterbury’s rich tapestry of history including the Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, trace the pilgrims' steps travelling to St Thomas Becket’s shrine at the beautiful cathedral with it’s stone carvings and stained glass windows.

Shop in the busy market city which has much of it’s medieval character still intact. Immerse yourself in its museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes.

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Time Travellers

From City of London, to Greenwich, to Canterbury and Cambridge - the home of time, of religious murder and of gravity itself. Experience two millennia of history within two hours of London. Start by exploring Roman Londinium and discovering stories of monarchs and merchants mastering the seas, move on to gloriously ancient sites of royally sanctioned murder and of saints and pilgrimage. Sit beneath a world-famous tree, punt upriver or sink a pint with Lord Nelson, England’s greatest naval hero.


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