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World Heritage Site

floor plaque for queen berthas walk in canterbury
Queen Bertha's Walk

You can't come to Canterbury without exploring its UNESCO World Heritage Site! Awarded the status in 1988, it offers bags of history and heritage in three impressive locations.

Start in Canterbury Cathedral precincts and follow the route once taken by Queen Bertha of Kent. The imposing cathedral building, set in beautiful gardens, was built around 597AD. Whether you go on a guided tour or take things at your own pace, don't miss the shrine of Thomas Becket in the cathedral crypt and the fantastic stained glass collection dating back to the 12th century.

Next, explore the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey, founded as a burial place for the Anglo-saxon kings of Kent; there's a museum and free audio tour, but you can't leave without experiencing the virtual reality tour, with headsets allowing you to step back in time to 1500s Canterbury. 

Finish off your visit at St Martin's Church, the oldest in England still used as a parish church. It was here in 597AD that St Augustine and his companions came to worship, before King Ethelbert granted him the land for the world-famous abbey and cathedral, completing the World Heritage Site.