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Group visits

Group itinerary for Canterbury

With so much to offer it can be difficult knowing how to get the most out of your visit. We have created some suggested itineraries for groups which may help you when planning your day.

Arrive at Canterbury Coach Park and walk into the city centre - allow 15 minutes

Explore the focal point of our famous city with Canterbury Cathedral. Full to the brim with ancient history, this is an unmissable visit. Pre-booked groups have discounted rates on their entrance fees. Groups may book an 'entrance only' or any of the additional facilities, such as private guided tours, audio-tours, audiovisual presentations, lectures or 'behind-the-scenes' tours which is additional to the entry fee - allow 1 hour 30 minutes.

Coffee break - soak up the city's cafe culture with the variety of cafes that we have. Stop for a mid-morning break before continuing your adventure - allow 30 minutes.

Travel back in time to medieval Canterbury with The Canterbury Tales and discover the sounds, sights and smells of that era along with Chaucer's famous characters! They offer group packages for pre-booked groups of 15 people or more, including discounted admission price, free familiarisation visit for group organiser, free entry for the coach driver and group packages with other attractions around the city - allow 1 hour.

Lunch. Choose from a variety of restaurants that cater to all tastes, with local and fresh Kentish produce. Or if you have your lunch already sorted, the beautiful Dane John Gardens and Westgate Gardens are minutes away from the city centre and are perfect picnicking spots!

Meet for a guided walking city tour for an excursion along the cobbled streets and learn the secrets of the city. Group tours are available throughout the year if booked in advance. The route and theme of your tour can be arranged to suit your specific requirements and special interests. A minimum charge is applicable for groups - allow 1 hour 30 minutes.

Rest your feet and have a relaxing river trip whilst enjoying the finer details of Canterbury's heritage. There are three river tours available in Canterbury. Booking is advised - allow 1 hour.

See the place where the pilgrims sheltered whilst they visited Thomas Beckets shrine at Eastbridge Hospital - allow 30 minutes.