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Free things to see and do for the whole family at bOing!

There is so much to see and do at every bOing! Festival, Every year, they host jaw-dropping, large scale family events for you to come and see — for free!

So, what can you expect to see at this year's festival?

In a world where the majority of humans live in large urban areas, the wild environment is becoming increasingly alien and strange to us. WILD is the daring new outdoor production from Motionhouse, featuring dancers exploring a forest canopy through dynamic choreography and acrobatics. So bunch up, with little ones at the front, and prepare to see a true spectacle.

AΦE (choreographers Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Fourmi) have created a collection of short dance works within an AR world. Connected via five tablets, you can explore, move around the space and interact within the performance.

Performed entirely around a uniquely designed, 3.5m high percussion wheel, this adrenaline-fuelled dance and live music production is a combination of rhythm and heart-in-mouth choreography.

A family-friendly celebration of world music and diversity in Canterbury, Music for Change are creating a fantastic line-up to enjoy in the sun. Laze on the grass and enjoy the sounds, or flail your limbs to the groove of the music.

If the energy wasn't high enough already, Cohesion Plus will be pounding their drums loud enough to knock your socks off (no socks will be harmed in the making of this performance).

Phew, there's a lot on, isn't there? If you need a break from the excitement and fervour of the day, you can always pop into the Playground Tent for songs and rhymes, drama, music, dance and art especially for children under 5 (and for their grown-ups too!).

In a beautiful, intimate tent, be part of an audience following the delightful puppets, Grandma and her Granddaughter as they spend time together on their Summer Island. This magical interactive performance is about adventure, nature and the puppets love for each other and their island.

There's a giant Bee, and it's in trouble! Grab your sugar-waters, flowers, and try everything to save the bee as he bumbles and buzzes through the festival. A beautiful marvel of large scale puppet silliness.

This colourful building turns into an original feast factory for you to explore.

By operating the installation yourself, you can create a unique visual experience with a spectacular, festive finale. You'll have to try it yourself to reveal what's inside!

“The festival is free to enter, as we recognise trips out for the family can be expensive and we want to make the events as accessible and open to as many families as possible. For those who wish to try, we also have a range of cheaply-priced indoor theatre shows, offering the very best in theatre and dance for the young and young at heart.” Oliver Carruthers, Gulbenkian Director

Take a look at the ticketed events to see what else is on offer at bOing! 2019 — with no wristbands, you only pay for what you want to come and see!