The Canterbury Sculpture Trail

The Canterbury Sculpture Trail - explore the city and experience public art, parks and gardens and the riverside.

Over the past sixteen years or so Canterbury City Council, Canterbury Commemoration Society, Whitefriars Shopping Centre and various individuals have introduced public art into the city. Public Art adds delight, creates memorable landmarks, and in some instances, such as in the case of a seat, serves a practical purpose. The artwork ranges from figurative statues of people who have played important roles in connection with the city to patterns etched into paving. A wide range of artists have been commissioned. They have produced work using materials as diverse as bronze, stone, timber and even railway track.

This trail aims to connect the artwork and use it to punctuate a walking route through some of the city's most picturesque and important public open spaces.
It is hoped that this trail will appeal to everyone; all ages and genders, visitors and local residents alike. It combines art and historic open spaces in one themed package aimed at encouraging people to actively explore the wider city.

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