Cycle Routes in the Canterbury district

A network of cycle routes passes through some of the region's most beautiful countryside and woodland. Whether you are looking for family friendly cycling routes in the Canterbury area or a long distance challenge, you will find a great selection of cycling routes below.

Full details for all the cycle routes listed below can be found on the Explore Kent website by clicking on the links. 

exterior of Canterbury Cathedral

Cathedral to Coast - Canterbury to Dover

Route type: Circular
Distance: 50 miles
Percentage on road: 100%
Start postcode: CT11 8LN, CT16 1QR
Ride easy: 8h 20m | Ride steady: 6h 15m | Ride strong: 3h 20m

Undertake your own Pilgrim's Progress on this marvellous 50 mile circular ride using Regional Routes 16 and 17 linking Dover, Canterbury and Folkestone.

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signpost on the crab and winkle way between canterbury and whitstable

Crab and Winkle Way - Canterbury to Whitstable

Route type: Linear
Distance: 7.5 miles
Start postcode: CT1 2AH, CT5 1SD
Ride easy: 1h 15m (one way) | Ride steady: 55m (one way) | Ride strong: 30m (one way)

Go from cloisters to oysters with seven miles of almost traffic-free cycling, the Crab and Winkle Way between Canterbury and Whitstable explores a delightful slice of east Kent.

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cyclists on the Great Stour Way between canterbury and chartham

Great Stour Way - Canterbury to Chartham

Route type: Linear
Distance: 3 miles
Percentage off road: 100%
Start postcode: CT2 8BG, CT4 7HZ
Ride easy: 30m | Ride steady: 20m | Ride strong: 13m

Running between Canterbury and Chartham this 3 mile long traffic free multi-user route following National Cycle Route 18 provides a beautiful and tranquil journey along the banks of the River Stour.

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cyclists on the oyster bay trail cycle route between swalecliffe and reculver in herne bay

Oyster Bay Trail - Swalecliffe to Reculver

Route type: Linear
Distance: 6.7 miles
Percentage on road: 36% | Percentage off road: 64%
Start postcode: CT5 2QR, CT6 6ST
Ride easy: 1h 10m | Ride steady: 50m | Ride strong: 25m

If you enjoy great sea views, big skies and historic landscapes then visit the 6.7 mile long Oyster Bay Trail. The route is mostly flat surfaced paths between Swalecliffe and Reculver.

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signpost for national cycle route 17 on the pilgrim cycle trail

Pilgrims Cycle Trail - Rochester to Canterbury

Route type: Linear
Distance: 47 miles
Start postcode: ME1 1LD, ME14 3JX, TN24 8QQ, CT1 2DA
Percentage on road: 56% | Percentage off road: 44%
Ride easy: 7h 50m | Ride steady: 5h 50m | Ride strong: 3h

Although the route as a whole can be quite challenging, it can easily be broken down using many of the access points along the way.

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cyclists on the viking coastal trail between ramsgate and reculver

Viking Coastal Trail - Ramsgate to Reculver

Route type: Circular
Distance: 32 miles
Percentage on road: 46% | Percentage off road: 54%
Start postcode: CT7
Ride easy: 5h 30m | Ride steady: 4h | Ride strong: 2h

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice, you will find plenty to enjoy along the 32 mile route on the Isle of Thanet.

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Cycling in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay

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