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De-stress and Relaxation

Relax and watch your cares drift away from Canterbury's coast. Explore the picturesque town of Whitstable and the surrouding countryside.


Take a stroll along Tankerton Slopes admiring the views and brightly coloured beach huts. Venture into town and discover Harbour Street with it's myriad of craft shops. Pick a coffee shop and relax.
Tankerton Slopes


Enjoy a late gourmet lunch at one of Whitstable's many restaurants.


Explore the working harbour and its fabulous seafood market. Visit the art galleries, the Whitstable Museum and Art Gallery.
Whitstable Harbour
Whitstable Museum and Gallery


Morning: Tankerton Slopes


Marine Parade

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The cliff-top lawns of Tankerton Slopes, with their colourful beach huts, roll gently towards the sea and provide and excellent vantage point to watch the nautical world go by. Get views of the wartime forts and Southend on the opposite site of the Estuary, and if the water is enticing maybe even have a dip in the sea.


9 miles from Canterbury via A290.

Afternoon: Whitstable Harbour




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Whitstable Harbour lies on the North Kent coast at the mouth of the River Swale. It is a visible link that Whitstable has with its interesting history, which includes diving , ship owning, fishing and world-wide trade. The connection with the Canterbury and Whitstable railway - the Crab & Winkle Line - was the reason for the harbour's construction in 1831: to bring heavy materials, such as coal, from Newcastle to Canterbury. Whitstable Harbour remains a working harbour. On the East Quay, there are Brett's aggregate importation and asphalt production for the construction industry in Kent. On the West Quay, there is fishing as well as wind farm maintenance operations. Fishing and related activities, such as the retailing of the catch, continues on the South Quay. In addition, leisure and sporting activities have flourished with the sea scouts, yacht, angling, kite and wind surf activities all based on harbour land, along with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Leisure has also developed, from a marine angle, with Greta barge tours and a gastronomic one with café, restaurant and market. Tourists' attractions include The Oyster Festival, Harbour Open Day and the Harbour barge/boat race. The harbour has 'Leading Lights Status'. It is managed in accordance with a Harbour Board, which is made up of Council Members, Council Officers and Independent Members. For further information visit:

Afternoon: Whitstable Museum and Gallery


5 Oxford Street

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Its unique seafaring history is explored, including oyster fishing, diving and shipbuilding. Discover local stories of seaside, floods, the world's first passenger steam railway, shopping, industries, newspaper cartoon characters Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, and memorabilia of resident Peter Cushing. See the big red fire engine, sit at a Victorian school desk and hunt for fossil sharks teeth! Changing exhibitions on vaired themes plus regular events. Special activities for schools and groups. For further information visit:


8 miles from Canterbury via A28 and A290.

Whitstable Museum & Gallery is in the town centre in Oxford Street, close to the library and the theatre. The Museum is within walking distance of carparks and the railway station.