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Beacon Hill, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6BA

The Kings Hall is an architectural gem, captivating visitors with its original Edwardian features and idyllic seafront views. It was originally named the King Edward VII Memorial Hall.

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Old Thanet Way, Herne Bay, CT5 3JE


Mr Beano Cafe

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Mr Beano Cafe

150 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5DX

  • Mr Beano CafeRestaurant - English

Share & Coulter

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Share & Coulter

Owl's Hatch Road, Green Hill, Herne Bay, CT6 7DZ

  • Share & CoulterRestaurant - Pub

L'Escargot Restaurant

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L'Escargot Restaurant

22 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5LH

  • L'Escargot RestaurantRestaurant - French

The Four Fathoms

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The Four Fathoms

2 High Street, Herne Bay, CT6 5LH

  • The Four FathomsBar

Le Petit Poisson

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Le Petit Poisson

Pier Approach, Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5JN

  • Le Petit PoissonRestaurant - Seafood

Gabriel's Restaurant

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Gabriel's Restaurant

122 Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5JJ

  • Gabriel's RestaurantRestaurant

The Huntsman and Horn

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The Huntsman and Horn

Margate Road, Broomfield, Herne Bay, CT6 7AF

  • The Huntsman and HornRestaurant - English

The Ship

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The Ship

17 Central Parade, Herne Bay, CT6 5HT

  • The ShipRestaurant - Pub
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