The little shops of Whitstable


Individually-run shops still contribute to Whitstable’s great charm today - we celebrate their story.

In the past these shops were family-run and people worked very long hours – some Sundays and Wednesday early closing (a widespread tradition in the town until the 1990s) provided a rare chance to get together as a family. Most memories were happy, and it was seen as a very sociable occupation with strong community links. One shopkeeper from the building next to the Museum remembered:
In the 1950s when we lived over the shop [7 Oxford Street], the Policeman walked up one side of the street and down the other at about 11 o’clock every night, trying every shop door handle.

Visit the Museum to see

  • The delightful mixture of items you would have found in a traditional corner shop from any time in the 1920s to though to the 1950s: from smelling salts to baking cases
  • 3D advertising figures, including a jolly dog advertising pet food

And children love playing with our toy shop!


The little shops of Whitstable

The little shops of Whitstable

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