Roman jewellery


People in Roman Canterbury could buy imported jewellery or pieces made in Britain. Many of the items displayed at Canterbury Roman Museum were found during excavation of the Marlowe car park in 1978-80.

Jewellery includes rings, bracelets, pins and brooches. One of the rings is made of wire twisted into decorative knots; another has a stone with inscribed carving of a satyr and was perhaps used to leave a personal mark on seals. The pins were probably used for keeping elaborate hairstyles in place and may also have fastened clothing.

Brooches were the main way of pinning clothing together. Some were like safety pins, others more decorative. A number of the brooches have enamel decoration – coloured glass fused to the metal by heat. The glass was either applied in broken or powdered form into metal compartments, or as a slice of pre-prepared mosaic glass. The mosaic glass was made by fusing together rods of different colours arranged in a pattern, then cutting across in slices.


Roman jewellery on displat at Canterbury Roman Museum

Roman bracelet

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