Reculver Roman Fort


The Roman fort at Reculver, just outside Herne Bay, stood at one end of a sea channel known as the Wantsum (now silted up), which may have been the landing site when the Romans invaded Britain. In the early 200s a fort was built on the site of earlier informal settlements at Reculver. It had earth ramparts, flint walls and 2 ditches, and was designed to resist invasion by the Saxons.

In later years, after the Romans abandoned Britain, it became the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery and the church of St Mary, and subsequently Reculver parish church. In the 1100s the distinctive twin towers were added – and they largely survived when much of the church was demolished in the early 1800s, becoming a distinctive landmark for local shipping.

Visit the Museum to see:

  • pottery, carvings and other finds from the fort area
  • images of the towers at different periods
  • Roman and Anglo Saxon artefacts, including a Saxon glass claw beaker
  • A roof tile from the Roman fort stamped with the exact location that it was to be sent to within the empire
Reculver Roman Fort finds on display

Reculver Roman fort finds

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