Interpreter-led visits 


Investigating Chaucer

Broaden familiarity with Thomas Becket, Geoffrey Chaucer and Medieval England, and provide interesting historical context to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Activities include investigating Oliver Postgate's Life and Death of Thomas Becket cartoon animation, investigating real medieval artefacts from the time of Chaucer, dressing in character as one of Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims, and having fun trying out some Chaucerian English.

Curriculum links: Key Stage 3-5, English, English literature, history.

Cost: £4 per student (minimum charge £50).
Time: 2 hour interpreter-led session. 

Christopher Marlowe Immersion Day

Broaden your students' familiarity with the life and works of Christopher Marlowe. Identify and explore the links that Christopher Marlowe had with Canterbury. Explore the language used by Christopher Marlowe and his contemporaries - including Shakespeare. Use the themes and plots from Christopher Marlowe's most famous plays as a starting point for drama activities.

Curriculum links: Key Stage 3-5 English, English literature, history.
Cost: £4 per student (minimum charge £50)
Time: 2 hour interpreter-led session at museum with ideas for additional visits to the Marlowe memorial, and Canterbury Cathedral Archives to extend this to a whole day visit.

To find out more, please telephone 01227 862162.


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