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    Talk, Wed 29 Oct 2014


    “Consuming Japan in a Post Akira world: Phantasmagorical Hybrids and Illusions” with Jim Walker

    Drawing on his personal collection and experiences of living and working in Japan, Jim Walker will talk about the visual culture of Japan and its consumption by Western societies. The historical and visual culture of Japan reflects the countries shifting focus and engagement towards other countries and cultures, this has resulted in a hybrid culture that often confuses the non-Japanese. The talk will consider these influences and how we continue to consume the visual and cultural history of Japanese as if it was a natural resource and commercial commodity. This sense of re-consuming cultures is significant in understanding why Japan is often perceived as exotic, to the extent that their is a mythic Japan that has become a phantasmagorical projection of our imagination composed of fragments of manga, anime, film and traditional art forms.

    About Jim Walker

    Jim Walker is Lecturer in Visual Theory for Illustration at the University for the Creative Arts and Associate Editor of the Journal for Illustration. In 1991 he worked for the Board of Education in Shobara-shi in Hiroshima prefecture as part of the J.E.T. ( Japan Exchange and Teching) Programme. Unfortuntately missing the national Japan Festival celebrations in the UK and the release of Akira in UK cinemas. Avoiding the bright lights and seductive tones of Tokyo he explored rural Japan, studied Sho-do, Iai-do, bought loads of examples of Japanese things and decided not to buy the five feet height Totoro toy from his local toy shop. He was Teaching Fellow in Animation at Surrey Institute of Art & Design where he managed the Animation Archive which included the work of Halas and Batchelor and Bob Godfrey. He has written and presented talks, screenings and exhibitions on animation, comics and illustration, nationally and internationally.

    Event details

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    Wed 29 Oct 2014 18:00 to 19:30
    Colyer-Fergusson Seminar Room (CFSR).


    Tickets £5 per person


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