Canterbury Attractions Passport, front cover

Canterbury Attractions Passport

You can save money by purchasing an Attractions Passport Ticket, which gives you free entry into Canterbury Cathedral, the Canterbury Tales, Canterbury Heritage Museum and the Canterbury Roman Museum.

Now the Passport gives you even more with offers available for these establishments:

Ghost Tours

Canterbury Historic River Tours

Canterbury Punting Company

Canterbury River Navigation Company

Canterbury Tourist Guides

Canterbury Audio Tours

St Augustine's Abbey

The Foundry


Before visiting each attraction, please check the opening times with the establishment or with Canterbury Visitor Centre. There is no expiry date on the passport.



  • Opening Times

    Please check opening times with Canterbury Visitor Centre or the attraction before visiting.

  • Accessibility

    Please check accessibility with Canterbury Visitor Centre or the attraction before visiting

  • Delivery

    Your order will normally be dispatched within seven working days of placing the order, please ensure you allow sufficient time between placing your order and the date of your trip.