4. Explorers & Collectors
Fascinating finds from excavations of Ancient Egypt and Anglo-Saxon Kent; ancient Greek art; souvenirs of The Buffs (East Kent Regiment); objects brought back from travels across Asia, Africa, India and South America by soldiers, missionaries and diplomats. Activities for all ages, and in particular families, from taking a closer look at objects to games, trails and creative 'make-and-do'.

5. The Study
Discover Dr Beaney's portrait and a Cabinet of Curiosities filled with objects collected from the late 18th century onwards: a Chinese pangolin; fossil fish and shell; a two-headed shark; beetles and birds; seeds and stones.

6. Colour & Camouflage
Rocks, minerals, animals, birds and butterflies - from humble British specimens to South American mimic-patterned moths.

7. The Drawing Room
Changing displays of prints, drawings and watercolours from the museum collections and loans. Drawing boards and materials for sketching.

8. Materials & Masters
Minerals, rocks and other materials transformed creatively into useful or decorative objects. Dolls' house furnishings and other miniature items. Portraits of artists. Old Master copies and Dutch 16th to 17th century paintings. Games and trails, creative 'make-and-do'.

9. People & Places
Paintings, prints, cermaics and sculpture, from Chaucer and his pilgrims to woodland, seascape and cathedral views, musicians, martyrs, hop-pickers and nobles. Activities including dressing up and discovery trails.

10. Special Exhibitions Room
Special exhibitions from national and international loans and museum collections, spanning historical to contemporary art. Activities for all ages relating to the exhibits. Find out about the latest Special Exhibition.

11. The Learning Lab
Exploration, discovery and creative activity through a programme of special events for families, adults and schools.


upstairs plan in the Beaney Art Museum and Library

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