Colour and Camouflage

Colours in the natural world can be a warning sign or attraction, a way of standing out or hiding. The Colour and Camouflage display is arranged in rainbow colour order, with a group of mimic and camouflage patterns, and selected works of art to complement the animals, birds and butterflies on show.

Items on display include:

  • Red fox
  • Red squirrel
  • Red Cardinal
  • Sulphur
  • Azurite and malachite
  • Blue and yellow macaw
  • Exotic blue butterflies
  • Owl butterflies
Owl butterfly on display at the Beaney, Canterbury

Owl butterfly. Commonly known as the Brazilian Little Owl, this South American butterfly is found from Guatemala to northern Argentina. Its eye-like markings mimic larger animals and deceive predators, or draw attention away from vulnerable body parts.

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