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Wise Words Festival- Wise Words brings communities and families, authors, poets, dancers, digital, performance and visual artists together through an innovative programme of events that celebrate and explore wise words.
  • Community poem by Lemn Sissay
  • John Siddique book
  • Swirling words (poems created with young people)
  • 100 Journals


  • Develop effective partnerships with key stakeholders and funders.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration internally and externally.
  • Collaborate with the community on the development of our community engagement programme.
  • Continue to develop strategic partnerships nationally, regionally and locally with partners from the cultural, education, community and business sectors.
  • Develop our partnerships with local businesses to deliver to shared goals.

Kent Creative Arts 

An exhibition displaying 365 photographs of Canterbury and two community workshops.

Place Shaping:

  • Offer a strong community engagement programme which is relevant to people and reflects local pride and the needs of local communities.
  • Reflect the history of the district through our programme of temporary exhibitions, community engagement, learning and events.
  • Offer a high quality exhibitions programme which attracts people to the district.

Neil Kelly 

An exhibition bringing together highlights of Beaney community engagement projects prior to and during closure. Collected memories.


  • Enhance our reach using our collections and programme to engage in new ways with a diverse range of audiences.
  • Develop a strong community engagement programme at The Beaney to enable community and art groups to co-produce exhibitions and to be involved in decision making about their Art Museum and Library.
  • Offer an innovative learning and access programme which provides children and young people with the opportunity to experience visual arts and Canterbury district's rich heritage.
  • Evaluate our work to inform future service development and continual improvement.

Heinrich and Palmer 

A site specific public artwork.


  • Develop a national and regional profile at The Beaney Art Museum and Library through our transformed historic building, and our excellent programme and visitor service.
  • Develop a first class visitor experience at all our venues.
  • Develop excellence and innovation in engaging children and young people.
  • Support the talent and development of local and regional artists through our programmes.

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